Sistahs What You Say Sisters What Ye Say

Sistahs what you say we pray today? Sistahs what you say, today we rewrite the play? Sistahs what you say, we slaves today? Sistahs what you say, not my sistahs, no not my sistahs today, or tomorrow’s today. Sistahs what we say, no way no way. See me and my sistahs we can’t afford to play. That price is too high and in the world today, only pebbles we make. But I tell you, oh my sistahs they come to slay. So tell me sisters what ye say, this time will you fight for our freedoms yay or nay?


If We Can Birth A Nation, We Can Also Unbirth A Nation, and Ourselves

If we can birth a nation we can also unbirth a nation. Hell you talmbout Ms. Monae, because you are speaking right to my soul. Women are the conduit to God’s gift of life on earth. Therefore, I am the glory of God’s design. But society would relegate me to a second class citizenship? Fortunately we can unbirth ourselves, as I learned during the march. We can unbirth ourselves from the exploitations of the systems of our honorary statuses. In the crowds of that Saturday I shed the comfortability of my oppression and was reborn an angry “negro”. My liberation was hard won with every subsequent progression toward a freedom from the complacency of my current position in the crowds. I fought for my voice, my choice, and you.